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General information about Palomares

Palomares is a fishing and farming village that is part of the Almerian coastal municipality Cuevas de Almanzora.

Situated between the sea and the mountains, it is a paradise where respect for nature and the environment is top priority. Its annual averge temperature of 25º makes it an attractive tourist destination any time of the year. One of its main assets is its close proximity to Quitapellejos beach, an untouched stretch of beach lined with an extensive forest of pine trees and eucalyptus, giving it an unrivalled beauty.

There is a large variety of leisure activities and services, the main ones being scubadiving, golf and hiking.

Adjacent towns

  • Cuevas del Almanzora

    Landscapes and available leisure activities in Palomares

    Exterior of El Calguerin

    This village has been occupied by many different civilisations throughout history due to its proximity to the coast, its natural resources and its strategic positioning.

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  • Villaricos

    Inside view of the Villaricos caves

    Inside view of the caves in Villaricos

    An importante mining and commercial zone during the Roman era, today it is one of the most important tourist centres in the area.

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  • Vera

    Landscapes and available leisure activities in Palomares

    Vera's beach

    An area of important archealogical value, Vera has important remains of the viillages that were habited from prehistory up until the Roman occupation.

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  • Garrucha

    Landscapes and available leisure activities in Palomares

    Sunset on the coast of Garrucha

    Garrucha's history is strongly linked to the sea, evident by its three ports and impressive beachfront promenade.

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  • Mojácar

    Landscapes and available leisure activities in Palomares

    White washed houses are popular in Mojácar

    One of the most popular tourist towns of Almeria, highly valued for its beautiful beaches, some of which are used by naturists

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